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Dark Vengeance 17-06-09 08:19 AM

Welcome to P2S Prepared 2 Survive

When you register with us you will receive an email that needs to be "clicked" in order to activate your membership. If you have not received the email within a couple of minutes then please check your spam/junk folder. Once you have activated your membership you may log in and have access to the Intros and rules sections.

It is a condition of your membership that you post a brief introduction in the applicable section, an example is listed at the top of the "Intros page" for your guidance. Your intro will then be viewed by Admin prior to being posted. Once your Intro has been authorised you will have access to the rest of the forums.
Rules & Regs...

NB -By joining our community you agree to become involved in the discussions on a regular basis, this means YOU are expected to start threads and post. If you can't agree to that then please don't post an intro and your account will be immediately suspended - try one of the other UK forums. Any inactivity perceived or real will result in your account being suspended.

Please don't say "I don't read the small print" etc as ignorance is no defence. During your registration you ticked a box agreeing with these rules...

  • If you are a Journalist/Reporter/Media Investigator then you are prohibited from registering with these forums without PRIOR written permission from Dark Vengeance (site owner).
  • Please leave any political or religious beliefs at the "front door"
  • We are a prepper and survivalist forum not a conspiracy website or a platform for people to complain about government or laws.
  • Will all members please note that any derogatory chat about religion, race and such like will result in a permanent ban.
  • Swearing and or attempting to circumvent the site censor will not be tolerated, we are a family community.
  • We are here for a common cause, regardless of colour, race or religion.
  • No promoting of any website/forums or business of which you have a personal interest in. Full Members may advertise their business (FoC) in the Full Members applicable forum (Member's Business) providing they offer members a minimum 10% discount for products/services.
  • DO NOT choose a user name that may be offensive or overtly advertises your business - Otherwise your account will be automatically banned.
  • No posting of URL's that point to other UK survival/preparedness sites, forums, blogs et al without Dark Vengeance's PRIOR approval.
  • Admin & Moderators decisions are final.
  • P2S is not a public place, it is privately owned. Free speech does not work on or in private property. Your membership and access to these forums are by invitation and can be revoked without reason at any time.
  • Thread drift, ie threads going "Off Topic" are NOT wanted. Persistent offenders will be banned.
  • This website is hosted within the UK and is governed by UK law. Please ensure that all posts are legal.

By signing up to P2S you have agreed to comply with these rules/requests, and any that may be introduced.

Thank you for your expected co-operation.

P2S has two levels of site access (all free).

Level 1: Registered Users/Probationers - Just sign up and start posting (after moderation), PM and email access is restricted until 25 posts have been made and your membership is 7+ days.
Level 2: Full Member (Restricted access). Not accessible to registered users until they meet the following criteria - Minimum of 100 posts, member for 30+ days and regular contribution required.


All we request is that you contribute by posting within these forums on a regular basis. We are all here to learn and share regardless of our own individual levels of experience.

Members that do not participate on a regular basis will find that their membership is suspended.

Now, if you still wish to join us please create an Introduction in the Introduction Forum.
As your post count and membership time rises you will find that other sections of the forums become accessible.

Please allow up to 48 hrs for your viewing restrictions to be lifted once your introduction has been authorised.

NB We do check registered IP addresses and locations for all new members.

Dark Vengeance 09-01-15 03:44 PM

Though I thought it would be common sense it clearly isn't so have another rule or 2.

Do not post p.o.r.nographic images or links.
Do not post links for the "sharing" of paid for/pirate software, books etc.

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